Introducing: Financial Feminism MasterClass Series


Financial Feminism MasterClass

A source of strength, activism, and inspiration.

BakerAvenue’s Financial Feminism initiative launched three years ago with the theory that both women and men should benefit equally from engagement in financial markets. Our goal is to empower women financially in creative and dynamic ways to live a life they design with intent and purpose.

This initiative strives to address the wealth gender gap that can cost women their financial autonomy and independence.

We recognize that many women have not realized the same benefits as men in their financial lives because they often have less capital, less expertise, and less time to learn about investing:

  • Women tend to earn less money than their male counterparts, which creates a gender pay gap.
  • They are less likely to invest what they do make due to a lack of confidence and knowledge of the financial markets, so they don’t benefit from market growth opportunities.
  • They have less time to research and learn about investing because they are more typically the primary drivers for household responsibilities and childcare.

We also know that because of the great wealth transfer happening right now, women stand to inherit significant amounts of money that they will need to manage.

With this in mind, we are launching our Financial Feminism MasterClass to provide a wide range of financial and investment education content for women, including:

  • Best practices for core investing and personal finance
  • How to’s and tips to help women build financial know-how and confidence to participate equally in the markets
  • Overviews on trending/new investment opportunities and potential asset classes
  • Highlights of current news and changes that can have an impact on their financial lives
  • Information to help women stay on top of the financial and tax landscape to maximize opportunities and avoid pitfalls

Our MasterClass is designed to help give women an “edge” that their male counterparts often receive from more informal sources such as “tips from a friend.”

Content within the site will be organized by stages of life or generations in order to be tailored and relevant to your financial life priorities. Fresh content will be created regularly and can be shared with any of the women in your life who could benefit.

We are excited to accompany you on your financial life journey, and we look forward to helping you navigate life’s transitions as you create the life of your dreams.


Visit BakerAvenue's Financial Feminism MasterClass series to learn more or speak to a BakerAvenue advisor.